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CX.AI Accelerator

Rapidly embrace the power of AI in Customer Experience to propel your business forward

Customers' expectations are skyrocketing in the age of AI technology

AI (artificial intelligence) is redefining customer expectations, making traditional limitations unacceptable. AI in customer service demands personalised, immediate, and accurate support 24/7, and AI seamlessly delivers this level of service anytime, anywhere.

Embracing AI in Customer Experience is the key to remaining competitive

Despite the transformative potential of AI Technology, only a small fraction of companies have embraced this paradigm shift to improve their customer journey. Organisations that engage AI and CX consultants can meet customer expectations, optimise operational costs and realise revenue gains. 

Our team can support you with actionable strategies whether you're taking a step-by-step approach or accelerating towards full AI transformation.

AI Assessment with Stakeholders

AI Opportunity Assessment

Pinpoint key opportunities for AI implementation and develop a compelling case for adoption.

We help you:

  • Identify unique and actionable AI (artificial intelligence) opportunities and showcase them in a visually engaging way designed to captivate stakeholders.
  • Quantify AI's ROI by measuring its impact on business operations, revenue, customer engagement and employee satisfaction.
  • Conduct a risk assessment to address AI-related security and ethical issues.
AI Solution Design

AI Solution Design

Bring an AI opportunity to life and prove the transformative potential for AI in your organisation.

We help you:

  • Prioritise AI opportunities based on desirability, viability, feasibility, and impact to customer interactions and employee experiences.
  • Transform AI opportunities into Proof of Concepts at the intersection of HCD and AI that get the buy-in you need internally.
  • Pilot and test seamless experiences that grow customer loyalty, predict future customer behaviour and improve the overall experience for customers. 
  • Develop feedback mechanisms to evaluate the AI product's effectiveness and monitor customer satisfaction progress.
AI Enterprise Integration Playbook

Enterprise Integration Playbook

Scale AI implementation throughout your organisation and become a technologically advanced enterprise.

We help you:

  • Use guiding principles for broader AI technology implementation based on the application feedback and customer satisfaction performance data.
  • Enhance your data infrastructure and management practices to support AI scalability. 
  • Create training materials for effective and responsible technology use to build AI-literate skills in your workforce and improve business processes. 

Our Approach

We conduct a swift, in-depth analysis of your organisation to provide valuable insights and personalised experiences by…

  • Contextualising your enterprise within our sector-specific and cross-sector knowledge.
  • Aligning with your unique business goals, objectives and challenges.
  • Evaluating your existing customer sentiment and operational data.  

Adopting AI Technology can seem daunting and we are committed to providing your team with a reassuring experience by...

  • Assigning a CX expert to address any questions.
  • Employing transparent governance to keep you informed.
  • Connecting you with AI-adopting peers for insights and support.

We embody our commitment to AI by...

  • Leveraging AI Products for efficient and cost-effective delivery.
  • Ensuring we leverage the top AI tools (that use Natural Language Processing). 
  • Remaining curious about the fast-evolving landscape.

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