Our Design Centre is full of whiteboards, not screens

We begin by studying real people, then imagine what an effortless version of an experience could look like. Then we find (or maybe invent) technology to support it – all in our award-winning Design Centre.

We approach every problem by understanding the customer first
We think of many ways the experience could be great
We test the ideas with real customers – and get rid of the bad ones
We arrive at a solution that your customers already love
We help you figure out the best way forward

How we work with you

We get you involved in the design process

Together we can create something great that will resonate with your customers.


We tailor our work to the needs of your business and customers.

With you, we'll co-design a solution in 5 steps

What problem or opportunities are you facing as a business?
What does success look like?
How can we define it from your customers’ perspective?
Do we both have what we need to make it successful?
How can we create something together that actually works well?

By working together we are more productive, collaborative and aligned.

We believe in collaborative, combined teams.

Often we work in combined teams with our clients, where the CEC team is complemented with dedicated staff from your organisation.

Examples include members of your team helping us conduct the research, owning the project management and/or stakeholder scheduling, or any other member with specific subject matter expertise.

The benefit of this is to reduce knowledge loss and also build new skills and capabilities in your teams.


We build your capability by taking you along for the journey.

It's about giving your teams ownership to take new ways of working forward.

We work side-by-side with the project team to collaboratively design the right solution for you.
We involve stakeholders at every stage of the process through weekly project showcases.
We experiment and prototype so that we are iteratively developing ideas, not only for customers but every stakeholder.
We help you take ownership of something we’ve created together. By the time we finish, it’s like you would have created it yourself – which you technically did.
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