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Solve complex problems alongside an exceptional team

Your career at CEC

We believe in design for the greater good. We enable people to thrive in a complex and changing world.

Be part of a team that partners with aspirational leaders and organisations to design, develop and deliver better customer and employee experiences.

Work across strategy, design and implementation of services, experiences, and solutions.

Create real change within enterprise and private organisations, government agencies, and not-for-profits from the inside-out.

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Our values

How we work with our clients and each other


Our curiosity fuels our pursuit of designing, developing and delivering meaningful experiences.

We always ask the tough questions, and we remain open to being challenged by our team, our clients, and ourselves.


We truly put ourselves in the shoes of customers, our clients, and our team to form deeper connections and understanding.

Empathy in design leads to meaningful experiences rooted in understanding.


We apply the principle of idea meritocracy to respectfully challenge ourselves and our clients with growth in mind and people’s best interests at heart.

Life at CEC

Learning and growth are key to our culture

As a CEC team member, you have a growth mindset. We support this providing you with the tools to become a world-class designer, leader and all-around great person. This includes:

  • $1,500 each year to spend on additional training.
  • A coach matched to you based on your skills, passions and development goals.
  • An Extended Leadership Team program that focuses on the growth of leadership mindset and behaviours.

We care about the wellbeing of our people

As a general rule, we value impact over face time and encourage you to switch off when you shut your laptop.

  • Overtime is never expected or normalised.
  • Team health check-ins are part of every project, where you can share how you feel, and leaders can keep a finger on the team’s wellbeing pulse.
  • Extra days of leave to rest, recharge, and celebrate life’s important moments.

We connect as a team beyond the work that we do. Our team enjoys: 

  • Social events like trivia, bagel breakfasts and games nights, and a well-stocked pantry and fridge to make any evening social.
  • End of project budget allocated for teams to celebrate together however they like - from fancy dinners to escape rooms.

Working better, together

At CEC we encourage you to share your perspective and challenge your fellow team members constructively in pursuit of the best possible outcomes.

Our work is highly collaborative and we whiteboard a lot. We find we do our best work together with at least three days of in-office face time each week.

We care about outcomes and we’re flexible with how you use your time.

We'd love to hear from you

We're always looking to grow our team of talented people. If you’ve got the right stuff but can’t find a career listed that fits, please get in touch with us via email. We’d love to hear your story.

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