One team, many perspectives

Our diversity of perspectives brings a breadth of knowledge from different industries – and a depth of expertise.

What we represent

We adapt our work depending on the needs of the design challenge

Being independent allows us to be dynamic, responsive and agile, enabling us to adapt to changing business environments and to overcome challenges quickly.

It's about being pragmatic and objective. We’re able to provide advice that is best-suited to our clients and their brands.

Customer Experience isn't just a capability of ours, it is our core business

We are not a small department or a single service line in a larger entity, we are all about customer experience. It’s all we do, everyday, and we know it inside out.

We are the experts in our field now, and will continue to be in the future.

Diversity of thought and collaboration are our secret sauce of solving problems

We invest in talent – our reputation and our people are at the core of our business. We thrive on diversity and our team encompasses a rich mix of backgrounds, experiences and skills.

We stand on our own two feet, side-by-side with customer needs and business performance

The Customer Experience Company is privately owned – the people who run the business own the business. Importantly, our independence underpins key characteristics of our organisation.

We have no parent company to slow us down and hold us back.

By the numbers

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Team members


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Our team

Raveen Jayawardene

Jessica Choi

Huw England

Nathaniel Powell

Imogen Moore

Anna Nordon

Leigh Holman

Phebe McAleer

Ryan Chong

Emily White

Cindy Chang

Sushmita Deb

Courtney Di Bella

Desiree Melendez

Maddy Satterthwaite

Juliet Wong Min

Annie Martin

Raj Mendes

Nusardel Oshana

Tiahn Adler

Tabitha Chor

William Fagan

Chantal Patruno

Lauren Terry

Justin Hoyer

Chris Wood

Elleni Poullos

Audrey Pangilinan

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