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What it's like on our team

6 reasons why it's worth joining our team

Karla Samuels


A share & learn culture

When it comes to people at CEC, the idea of being able to walk up to anyone in the office and ask for their help is always possible. Everyone has their own pearls of wisdom from projects across multiple industries and the chances are if you run into a bit of a challenge, multiple helpful people are at your beck and call.


A steep learning curve

We have the ability to rub shoulders with talented people at all levels – daily. This results in a ‘sponge culture’ that allows us to take years of expertise and insight under our belt and apply it straight away.


Friends at work

Some people say “don’t mix work and play” but since working at CEC, as well as my personal experience, it’s fair to say that everyone has formed lifelong friendships with CEC-ers that will last a lifetime. To experience this at a place of work is something special.


An exciting 'way of working'

While some projects may be more exciting than others, it’s fair to say that no matter what kind of projects we work on, we’re able to ‘make boring, exciting’. The passion that falls out of our projects is immense and everyone can honestly be proud of what they produce. We rarely work with the same people and each new project team brings new opportunities to grow.


Opportunities to 'own' your own work

At any level of seniority, if there’s an opportunity to own a piece of work or to get involved with someone else’s, I feel we’re in the position to ask for it. Whether it’s events, marketing, BD, sales or helping other people on client projects, all we have to do is ask and we can jump straight into it, as well as asking for guidance from more experienced peers along the way.


Working in an award-winning design studio

One of many reasons I look forward to coming to work each day is the light-filled, award winning space we have to work in. Not only is it easy on the eye, it sets us up for success when it comes to everyday BAU. I have never worked more efficiently than in our CEC space with the abundant whiteboard and stationary supply it takes putting thoughts ‘on paper’ to a new level.

What we share in common

The way we are as a team

Tahlya Gordon

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We constantly ask how can we create greater impact through our work and have the energy to continually evolve as individuals and as a discipline.
We relish the challenge of solving complex and ambiguous problems, rapidly building expertise on a diverse range of subjects.
Above all, we respect each other, our clients and their customers and understand that every point of view holds value.
Our people bring diverse backgrounds and thinking, but share a passion for creating better outcomes through deep understanding of people.
We are never satisfied with knowing 'what' - we are committed to understanding 'why'.
We are unafraid to address the real issues, and show the leadership skills to inspire positive change.

How can I join the team?

We have a fairly robust hiring process, but we are careful to make sure we get the right fit as we hope that our people will stay and grow with us.

What to expect as a candidate

Reach out to us

In your initial application, please tell us about your relevant experience and how you have demonstrated your passion for customer centred design.


Let's meet each other

After your initial application, you can expect an initial interview with our head of recruitment, followed by one or more interviews with team members.


Show us your skills in action

One of these interviews will likely involve a case study exercise where you will be asked to demonstrate your approach to a design problem.


Making a final check

Finally, we conduct an online aptitude test prior to making an offer.

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