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Ensuring AR+ was customer ready for go-live and defining their future roadmap

Helping a start-up understand and deliver on their jobs to be done prior to launch

The challenge

At the time of the project, Allianz Retire+ (AR+) was a new player in the investment space, offering flexible retirement solutions. With only a few months to the launch of their first product, AR+ engaged CEC to develop a single view of the end to end target experience.

AR+ had conducted previous research with advisers, but needed to collate this with feedback from internal teams to identify gaps, prioritise requirements for rollout and align internal teams.

The situation

The approach

The research

As part of preparation for launch, we mapped the end to end adviser journey and the initiatives being driven by each key AR+ team to deliver on the intended MVP experience.

Allocating each team to a part of the experience gave them accountability to deliver on the intended MVP experience, and identified any gaps or interdependencies.

The findings

Through workshops, we identified potential questions or issues that could arise along the adviser's journey, and the approach that AR+ would need to take or consider in addressing these issues. AR+ teams rated the readiness of each initiative, and stress tested for other gaps that could impact the launch experience. Gaps could include the defined channel, escalation pathway, notification process, and likelihood to of processes to change once scaled.

The solution

CEC worked with with AR+ teams to identify opportunities for the future adviser experience. Concepts were developed by collating existing ideas as well as creating new ideas based on the experiences we had mapped. We applied a desirability, feasibility and viability lens to prioritise concepts and understand capability requirements.

A future state roadmap was created to visualise priorities and accountability of AR+ teams to deliver on the future initiatives. This is being used as a visual reference point for AR+ to align their future initiatives, both leading up to launch and post go-live.

The impact

Allianz Retire+
We brought together disparate teams to identify the outstanding jobs to be done, and allocate accountability to teams to deliver on those jobs, now and for the future.

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