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Frequently asked questions

How does our CX Strategy interact with our organisations' other strategies?

A CX Strategy must be informed by and inform your organisation's other strategies. When woven in with an organisation's other strategies, a CX Strategy ensures the customer is considered within everything your organisation does.

Why can't we do this ourselves?

Individuals and teams within an organisation often don't have the internal capability and capacity to develop an org-wide CX Strategy, which is why organisations engage CX consulting firms, like CEC.

What value does an external CX consultant provide?

As an external CX consultant and CX company CEC provide an additional layer of external critical thinking and customer experience expertise to ensure the customer voice is present in your CX Strategy. .

We have customer journey maps and customer personas; what more do we need?

On their own, customer journey maps and customer personas are not a CX Strategy but a component that must be informed by one. Customer journey maps capture the customer interactions and customer touchpoints, and customer personas capture the motivations and needs of your customers, but on their own, they will not provide the direction or structure on which your organisation can build positive experiences that improve customer satisfaction and customer relationships.

What role does customer feedback and metrics play in a CX Strategy?

Customer feedback (e.g. online reviews) and customer experience metrics (e.g. NPS) insight are critical inputs into the development of a CX Strategy, but there must be a balance of quantitative feedback (e.g. customer surveys) and qualitative insight (e.g. customer research). A CX Strategy helps you to define the key metrics that will enable you to track the tangible impact of your CX Strategy.

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