Designing in-store services for better customer experiences

Transforming a government entity into a leading customer service organisation

We designed a better experience for NSW citizens and equipped SNSW employees to deliver a better standard of service

The challenge

Service NSW was tasked with transformational service delivery for Government services across all channels. In the retail channel, its Service Centres enable customers to coordinate thousands of different Government transactions in one location.

The model requires customers to 'check-in’ by transaction type upon entering a Service Centre to receive service. The challenge is maintaining simplicity – making it quick and easy to select and ticket for the reasons for visiting, enabling appointments and driving high participation in customer feedback linked to analytics.

The research

CEC led a design and implementation project which started with collaboratively identifying business requirements with the working group to capture the intentions of Service NSW as a business. Iteration of prototype was extensively used to gather stakeholder and customer feedback.

Using an agile methodology, CEC then co-designed, built, tested and deployed the solution across four software releases with numerous sprints.

The findings

CEC undertook extensive customer research to identify the interface design for a greater than 90% success rate for customers accurately and quickly selecting their transaction(s).

CEC developed a mobile concierge solution comprising of a tablet application with eight tabs and enabled with mobile ticket printing, live queue management to minimise the customer waiting time.

The solution

CEC produced a range of deliverables including conceptual solution design, detailed solution design, test plan and test cases, support documentation, training documentation, mobile training kit (enabling the ability to train up to 20 people anywhere with an internet connection), development roadmap with prioritised recommendations for implementation years 1 and 2.

Service NSW
Service NSW has achieved an outstanding 4.5/5 CSAT rating consistently since launch
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Designing in-store services for better customer experiences

Service Design & Research

Understanding and designing for customers

Capabilities we used

User Experience Design (UX)
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