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Supporting a disability service provider to transform within the NDIS environment

Assisting Unisson Disability to build customer loyalty amidst complex sector-wide changes

The challenge

A long term disability service provider with a strong legacy, Unisson, faced the same challenges as other providers in adjusting to sector-wide changes – as part of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), people with a permanent and significant disability now have greater choice and control when it comes to accessing the support they need to achieve their goals.

Unisson aspired to be a service provider who truly puts the customer first, at all points of the journey; not just during the moment of care, but across other steps as well, including initial enquiries and invoicing. Unisson wanted to provide the highest possible level of care while also growing it's business.

With the development of their exemplary customer service framework, ‘The Art of Human Connection,’ Unisson had made great strides to transform the business, but lacked a systematic approach to addressing common customer pain points or needs.

The situation

The approach

The research

Over the course of four weeks, CEC conducted in-depth interviews with family members and plan nominees of existing Unisson clients; people acting on behalf of loved ones with varying disabilities, goals and access to services.

A key theme that emerged from the research was that customers are still struggling to grapple with the NDIS ecosystem given the highly emotional subject matter, administrative burden and industry flux occurring.

In light of this, the research revealed significant opportunities for Unisson to improve its front and back offices to build greater customer loyalty, increase the number of services used, and attract new customers.

The findings

We uncovered the true needs of the customer, outlining their experience in the complex NDIS space as well as their interaction with Unisson. We highlighted both the practical and emotional needs of the customers (parents or carers of Unisson clients) at each point in the journey, and articulated these needs and opportunities through:

  • Insights
  • Current state journey
  • Recommendations
  • Personas

The solution

We worked to understand the real practical and emotional needs of customers within the NDIS space, and surfaced key opportunities for Unisson to meet those needs in a complex ecosystem. Unisson have shared CEC’s recommendations with their broader leadership team of 70 people and are currently integrating the work within their future strategy.

The impact

By using a sensitive research approach we uncovered real business opportunities.

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