Embedding customer centricity through ways of working

We increased departmental uptake of customer centric tools by communicating their relevence to Group IT's delivery approach.

The challenge

Westpac was 4 years into their service revolution strategy, and was focused on aligning projects around customer journeys. The challenge for the Consumer Banking IT team was how to take the design outputs through to delivery. A great deal of internal effort had been spent designing a customer journey methodology that was not adopted by the IT Group and applied delivery method. The Westpac Consumer Banking IT team approached CEC to develop a program to upskill the IT team on how to practically integrate Customer Centric Design into their IT project delivery approach.

The research

Our team conducted qualitative research with Group IT members. Through stakeholder interviews, a review of current matierals and a training needs assessment, we discovered the barriers preventing the journey methodology from being applied to project delivery.

The findings

Findings revealed that although there was awareness, there was a lack of understanding as to how to practically embed the new tools into the IT build lifecycle without losing customer centricity.

The solution

To bridge this gap we developed a range of communication outputs and workshops such as future state archetypes, delivery models, on-boarding tools and training materials. These outputs provided the IT group with practical examples of how the methodology had been applied to enable successful project delivery.

Embedding a customer-led approach into their delivery method enabled Group IT to build better integrated and more innovative technology solutions that were grounded in customer needs.
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Embedding customer centricity through ways of working

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