Embedding customer feedback into everyday actions

We partnered with Sydney Water to create a unique approach to acting on customer feedback.

The challenge

Operationalising a customer experience measurement program is fundamentally about changing the way a business operates. Our challenge was to measure customers’ sentiment within 24 hours of an experience, using the simplest possible technology.

The research

We worked with the Front Line to close the loop with their customers and to gain insights from their feedback. We identified a subset of customer focused frontline teams to conduct the proof of concept with. Working closely with these teams we designed and tested how feedback would be integrated into operations. To ensure all stakeholders understood and were supportive of this change, we completed a comprehensive measurement training session. We then built on this understanding by implementing the measurement program in two customer journeys - mapping touchpoints and channels, highlighting moments of truth, assigning roles and responsibilities for the experience, designing surveys, identifying survey triggers and data requirements.

The findings

Upon receiving survey results, we guided teams in sharing, discussing and acting on this feedback – using huddle boards to capture and prioritise issues to escalate. Through this, teams not only recovered broken experiences, but also identified a number of initiatives to address underlying ‘root causes’. Towards the end of the proof of concept phase we invited the teams to share their learnings and insight in a forum with cross-functional leaders, where their ideas were prioritised to be actioned.

The solution

Our work built the foundation of Sydney Water’s holistic customer experience measurement program, and set a clear path for a full roll-out. During the proof of concept we extracted valuable Sydney Water specific requirements which informed the procurement for a suitable voice of customer solution.

The implementation of this platform will be a fundamental piece in continuing to roll out the program across all customer journeys over the coming months.

Sydney Water
This work was a critical foundation to prove the value of a voice of customer program for Sydney Water.
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Embedding customer feedback into everyday actions

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