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Innovating Australia's toll road experience

Beginning with real customer needs to reinvent the toll road experience in Australia

The challenge

Transurban’s markets were ripe for reinvention, with opportunities to consolidate a leading position and deliver business benefits through a superior customer experience. The approach taken was to demonstrate tangible business benefits by aligning and focusing on three strategic objectives; enhancing reputation through customer experience, reducing cost to serve and driving revenue.

The situation

The approach

The research

In this thirteen week project that covered discovery, customer insights, co-creation, prototype and test, The Customer Experience Company (CEC) team started out by fundamentally understanding the needs and behaviours of road users.

The findings

The research led to a set of customer personas, deep insights and customer value propositions. The persona and customer insights from the discovery phase formed the foundation in which a collection of concepts was conceived through several co-creation workshops.

The solution

These concepts were rapidly prototyped and iteratively refined through rigorous customer testing and then brought to life through three service blueprints. The service blueprints delivered on the three strategic objectives and were underpinned by a set of experience and design principles that provides a framework and guidance for the development of future initiatives and concepts.

Outcomes included:

  • Development of a roadmap to help Transurban improve their current service by eliminating major pain points.
  • Prioritised customer experience initiatives and concepts that were presented to the Board for endorsement and funding.
  • Built the customer experience playbook which is used during on boarding for new employees and as reference for customer experience decisions.  
  • In 13 weeks, we helped Transurban prioritise their focus on business initiatives that improved the bottom line through better customer experiences

The impact

We provided a brand new innovative business model to disrupt the toll market, which has resulted in their latest award-winning product, LinktGo.

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