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Forging a clear path to achieving the #1 NPS in the industry

Since the implementation of CEC's multidimensional, customer-centric measurement framework, Sensis' NPS has continued to rise.

The challenge

Sensis aims to be the #1 marketing services company in Australia. To become more customer-centric, Sensis began using NPS for their customer experience KPI’s.

The old measurement program, however, didn’t show root causes of issues or what could be done to improve customer experience. The lack of clarity left employees feeling disempowered from owning their performance targets.

The situation

The approach

The research

To define the requirements of Sensis’ new measurement program, we investigated the measurement, research and operational models.

As part of our approach we:

  • Conducted workshops with staff to clearly identify the goals and values for both customers and Sensis
  • Ran co-design sessions with the project and customer team
  • Conducted contextual inquiries with stakeholders

The findings

This research provided Sensis with a series of insights and prioritised moments of truth that informed the requirements for the measurement, research and operational models.

Having a view of the new measurement program enabled the development of future state customer jouneys and the corresponding employee roles and responsibilities.

The solution

Based on our findings, CEC developed a multidimensional measurement model, outlining the customer relationship at all levels and linked customer interaction to advocacy. We designed surveys that would specifically solicit feedback on top priority ‘moments of truth’ and positioned Sensis to be able to immediately address root causes of current issues in the customer relationship. Additionally, we co-designed mechanisms to feed the solicited ‘voice of customer’ back into the business’s existing operational mechanism.

This was to ensure action could be taken, and planning and decisions could be made, based on this customer-centric evidence.

Along with the new measurement model, we provided Sensis with a new customer journey survey that aligned to each level of the model. We also provided a roadmap which showed a pathway to stabilise, grow and transform their business to be truly customer-centric.

The impact

Within eight months, Sensis experienced a 40 point uplift in NPS.

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