Helping a NFP Children's Services Provider transform into a customer-centric organisation

The challenge

SDN Children's Services (SDN) is a Sydney-based not-for-profit that has supported children and families for over 115 years through:

  • Early education services and childcare centres,
  • children's therapies, and,
  • family support.

Knowing that thriving children need the support of thriving families, SDN leadership saw space to enhance the service and support they provide to families and improve the organisation's performance after establishing an internal CX team. However, they faced several challenges:

  • Leadership and staff required a deeper understanding of what families value and why.
  • The need to improve conversion rates in the enquiry to enrolment journey.
  • A way forward for closing the loop on family feedback.
  • Attracting staff, exacerbated by COVID and border closures.

The research

SDN partnered with The Customer Experience Company (CEC) to undertake Empathetic Customer Research for families. The research uncovered insights on family needs, behaviours and value drivers. The insights formed the foundation for a suite of CX Tools unique to SDN's ecosystem, designed to engage staff and build their capacity to support the emotional experience of families.

Ideation workshops were held with SDN teams to develop potential solutions that addressed the research findings. Many of these solutions were simple, leveraged existing initiatives within SDN, and have had an immediate impact.

The findings

The solution

The work performed with CEC across 2020 and 2021 has achieved the following:

  • Strategic decisions made by the Leadership Team are guided by deep customer insight.
  • Teams across SDN's Centres are now equipped with the knowledge and tools to provide services that not only support the wellbeing, learning and development of children, but are also designed for the unique needs of their families.
  • 80% of ideated solutions have been implemented by SDN or are currently in progress.
"The biggest impact has been our delivery teams' renewed awareness on moments that matter with families. This has been an investment that will last SDN a lifetime. We received tools and insights that will be valuable over and over again; it's not just for now. We refer to the tools every time we make a decision." - Adrienne Jerram, SDN Director of Marketing and Customer Experience
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Helping a NFP Children's Services Provider transform into a customer-centric organisation

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