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Launching a new business by beginning with real customer value

Customer-led innovation to disrupt the life insurance industry

The challenge

Integrity was established as a new business with the sole intention to differentiate from competitors and disrupt the life insurance industry in Australia. They sought to understand their ecosystem in order to deliver a completely new and 21st century experience to their customers.

They wanted to build a company that would fundamentally change the way the life insurance operates. With no legacy systems or ways of working, CEC were able to work with Integrity to design a company from the ground-up with the customer at the heart.

We identified a need for Customer Value Propositions as well as a dedicated transformation and growth partner that could help them uncover customer need and embed this into the core of the system and the culture.

The situation

The approach

The research

Putting customers at the core is at the heart of the integrity vision. Not designing on intuition or experience, but through real customer feedback. Using the Customer Value Proposition methodology, this allowed us to bring the experience to life through real customer feedback.

The research unearthed pains and workarounds that people with more than 20 years experience didn't know existed. Research began by understanding the customers (adviser and consumers) and then allowed the working group to better understand how the current market was satisfying their needs.

The findings

Using the customer insight and where the different types of opportunity were we worked with the team to develop concepts that aligned to the product strategy that was determined in the customer research and market analysis.

The solution

Designed unique customer value propositions and developed concepts which were turned into products that allowed a conversation to happen. The creation of physical objects allows a dialogue to occur. It frames the context for a conversation and allowed advisers to articulate what types of solutions they would find what type of value in so the essence of these solutions could be used across the appropriate part of the journey.

We were able to design for digital, human and everything in between. Not focussing purely on one channel meant we could build processes that gave continuity to the experience for insurance advisors – and the end customer.

Integrity Life received a Good Design Award 2019 in Digital Design for their Customer Centric Insurance Platform. Dr. Brandon Gien, CEO of Good Design Australia, said it best "it represents the hard work and dedication towards an innovative outcome that will ultimately improve our quality of life".

The impact

While launching a life insurance company in 6 months, we created a solution that looks nothing like what is on the market and delivers value in ways no other insurer does or can

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