Transforming healthcare experience with Design Thinking

Healthcare is an industry on the cusp of disruption

Addressing healthcare industry challenges and planning for the future by focussing on CX

The challenge

Primary Health Care, an ASX listed group of 71 medical centres wished to take a true outside-in look at their customer experience and invest in improvements that would bring the greatest benefit to their customers, whilst also increasing revenue.

The research

CEC conducted over 100 interviews across three States, which included ethnographic research with customers, customer intercepts in the health centre and staff interviews. By correlating the insights we found with the financial opportunity for change, we quickly saw where Primary and customers would get the most bang for their buck.

The findings

Throughout the project various concepts were trialled to test their effectiveness.

With a solid understanding of the customer problem, we defined concepts to address the opportunities in two medical centres. The concepts spanned the customer experience and were heavily manual, designed to see whether the concept warranted an investment by the business. For example, providing numbers to customers so they had a better idea of their place in the queue.

The solution

Based on these results, and other business factors, it’s reasonable to conclude that implementing these changes would result in 1 in 3 people visiting once more, equating to a multi-million-dollar increase in revenue for the business.

Primary Health Care
20 point increase in NPS across operations and clinical services, a 52% reduction in customers that checked-in but left without seeing a doctor and the wait time was 77% better than usual by implementing design practices to the waiting experience.
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Transforming healthcare experience with Design Thinking

Service Design & Research

Understanding and designing for customers

Capabilities we used

Contact Handling Design
Closed Loop Feedback
Conversation Design
Customer Personas
Customer Segmentation
Customer-led Innovation
System and Process Change Design
Spatial Design
User Experience Design (UX)




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