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Small changes, significant revenue increases

Imagine transforming frustrating, disjointed experiences into a satisfying revenue-enhancing interaction.

The challenge

Customers make some of their most important life decisions with AMP. By creating an intelligent omni-channel experience across the contact centre function, customer service officers are empowered with the necessary information to have conversations rather than perform transactions with customers.

The situation

The approach

The research

We conducted over 160 hours of research that included observations, interviews and listening to calls, driving the insights to a truly desirable future-state customer journey.

The findings

With prototyping and testing of the insights from the beginning, we exploded some AMP myths such as ‘customers don’t want to be bothered by us’, which enabled us to shift staff mindsets to something that aligned to their customer value proposition of effortless professionalism. The tests persisted to the very end including on the interface and call scripts. Following this, we considered the design of people, processes and technology required to implement the AMP journey.

The solution

This transformative contact centre design helped agents better fulfil the unmet needs of customers. By listening carefully, agents could identify opportunities where an AMP product or service can satisfy the customer’s needs and through this significantly improved AMP cross-selling capability.

Removing the old siloed approach led to a duality of benefits from a significant revenue increase and uplifting NPS by 20 pts. We managed to achieve not just better revenue but better customer engagement and agent satisfaction, prompting the potential for even better gains in the long-term, as the flow-on effects from customer recommendations and a positive staff culture become realised for AMP.

The impact

With this refreshing change, AMP unlocked a significant revenue increase and a 20 point uplift in NPS.

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