Creating an engaging way to visually browse the NSW Budget

Providing citizens with tangible, relatable examples that could be applied to their own situation

We helped the NSW Treasury and Data Analytics Centre understand its citizens needs and designed a way to better interact with the NSW Budget

The challenge

The NSW Treasury had a narrow timeline to produce a proof of concept (POC) that delivered a highly engaging experience meeting the needs of both professional and private users.

The research

The Customer Experience Company (CEC) led a research and design sprint that gave insight and understanding of the different user needs, and informed ever-improving concepts that were tested and reiterated with users.

Testing outputs fed into prototype co-design sessions with the Data Analytics Centre team, where a final POC was delivered for the March deadline.

The findings

We helped the NSW Treasury listen to the needs of NSW citizens and paved the way forward for the build team. It was clear that citizens responded well to simplicity and not so well to over complex data visualisations.

The solution

The proposed design ensured citizens were provided with tangible, relatable examples that could be applied to their own situation.

This information was clearly presented and supported with contextual details including 4 key features:

  • A clickable donut graph showing expenditure and revenue for each government department
  • A clickable map to show where money is being spent in communities for each project
  • Clearly defined personas to explain how the budget impacts citizens in different ways
  • ‘Fun facts’ to entertain and expand citizens’ views of the budget

An additional 5 concepts were proposed for the next iteration of the budget online.

NSW Government: Treasury
The concept proved successful with the map tool being the most frequently clicked element on the site, averaging 6.78 clicks per user. This was in addition to a significant increase in returning users, indicating sustained interest and usage of the site in comparison to previous years.
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Creating an engaging way to visually browse the NSW Budget

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