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NGS Super shifts focus with Customer Experience Research

The challenge

As a niche industry super fund within the competitive industry, NGS Super found itself facing a defining moment. Their vision was clear: to drive retention and acquisition while crafting an unparalleled member experience. To bring this vision to life, NGS Super chose to take a step towards human-centred design, moving away from their previous process-driven ways. Seeking expert guidance, they engaged CEC to embark on a journey towards member-centric excellence.

The situation

The approach

The research

Our team left no stone unturned in understanding what truly resonated with members. Engaging in conversations with customers and employees, we unveiled their genuine needs and challenges. Complementing these insights with data and trend analysis, we honed in on the pivotal moments that genuinely matter for customers. These moments that matter informed opportunity areas that were used to ideate the future state experience.

The findings

The solution

CEC synthesised the research into meaningful insights, personas and current state storyboards that exemplified members' unmet needs. These tools articulated a compelling case for change by identifying key areas to improve the member experience and increase retention and acquisition.

In collaboration, we utilised playbacks and working sessions to transparently share progress, findings, and educate NGS Super staff on design methodologies. Together, we focused on understanding members while striving for an enhanced member experience.

The impact

NGS Super utilised the expertise of CEC to embrace a customer experience-driven approach, to lay the groundwork for a future of excellence. By taking a human-centred design approach, the team has developed a deeper understanding of the challenges faced by their customers and employees.

Setting the foundations for their next stage of growth, we identified opportunity areas and facilitated ideation. NGS Super can look to apply these to their digital channels, which can instigate changes in marketing strategies. Their marketing campaigns, content, and digital material can now all be inspired and influenced by CEC proto-personas and storyboards, enabling them to resonate with their audience like never before.

“It was fantastic working with the team, everyone knew their stuff, and were really engaged. We achieved a lot in a short time, and we will use a lot of recommendations, valuable insights. The CEC made people think differently. Thanks for taking this on, absolute pleasure working the team.”
– Phil Towers, Manager, Digital - NGS Super

NGS Super

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