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Embedding a culture of customer centricity through principle-led innovation

We worked with icare to redefine and embed their strategic vision and purpose by putting the customer at the heart

The challenge

As an organisation in the midst of radical transformation, icare was in the unique position of redefining its strategic vision and purpose for the company at large. icare was in need of a tangible way for this purpose and vision to translate to their frontline, where hundreds of customer interactions happen every day.

The situation

The approach

The research

Using ethnographic customer research, we gained key insights into the way that customers and staff view icare, which helped to give us context when interviewing key members of the executive team on the strategic goals and values.

In order to develop meaningful, purposeful principles to help frontline staff make empowered decisions, we distilled key themes and issues that we uncovered into five prototype principles. These principles were further refined through interviews and testing with stakeholders throughout the development process.

The findings

After successfully integrating the principles into their organisational transformation, icare has added them to its EPMO processes and they are used as a measure of customer centricity for operating model design and project efficacy. The principles have also helped align icare and its suppliers in recent times and are used as part of the icare tender process. In doing so, icare has managed to shift their focus to where it really matters – the customer.

The solution

CEC defined and iterated five principles and a multi-stage rollout plan to embed them throughout the organisation. The principles were embedded using a launch workshop where the entire senior leadership team applied them to internal and customer facing scenarios. A governance framework was also provided, detailing who is responsible for ensuring that the principles and by extension – the voice of customer are considered in decision making on the front line and in projects.

The impact

The developed principles have since formed an integral part of icare's EPMO (operating model design and project efficacy) and procurement processes

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