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A national industrial supplier approached the Customer Experience Company to develop a range of customer journeys to cast a unified vision for their future.

The challenge

A national industrial supplier in the safety space approached The Customer Experience Company to develop a range of customer journeys to cast a unified vision for their future in preparation for the design and implementation for an Enterprise Resourcing Platform (ERP).

The research

Interviewing 22 internal staff, shadowing two field sales team members, visiting a distribution centre, trade store and listening to several customer interactions at the call centre, we gathered the internal perspective on the customer experience. This provided us with insight into the moments that matter for customers, the points of pain and opportunities to delight. These insights informed the design principles we developed, which in turn formed the foundation for the future state journeys we designed.

The findings

In a short time frame we developed two future state customer journeys and many design principles which would guide the ERP team in their build and implementation process. These journeys captured the following key customer experiences:

• Order to invoice

• Unavailable products

• Repeat enquiries

• Special orders

Attentive to the imminent build, these journeys detailed the future vision for customer experience as well as the system capability required to support this. Due to the great variation in customer segments served by this B2B company, the differentiated services offered throughout the experience was also called out.

The solution

The journeys paved the pathway to customer centricity for this organisation going forward. As they designed and implemented their ERP and underwent related organisational change, they were able to continuously validate decisions against the future state customer experience and ensure customers were kept front of mind.

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Paving the way for future success

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