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Accelerating Low-code Development at Zurich Insurance

The challenge

Zurich Insurance was undertaking an evaluation of the Mendix Low Code platform for migrating the digital sales experience of two insurance products. 

With an improved and scalable customer experience on the platform, Zurich Insurance will be able to make better-informed decisions on how to utilise the Mendix platform, set clearer expectations on the benefits expected from product performance, and make plans to scale the usage of Mendix to support additional product areas

This evaluation examined how the planned user experience would align with the expectations of customers, utilising The Zurich Insurance Design System as the benchmark for the user experience. 

The situation

The approach

The research

The research phase involved a comprehensive exploration of the intended experience, an assessment of existing designs, and the availability of assets on a global scale, formatted for local adaptation. This process led to prioritising the development of UX/UI assets with the highest potential for reuse and the greatest impact on the sales experience.

The findings

Leveraging the Zurich Insurance Figma Design system as a foundation, The Customer Experience Company created Mendix UI components and a reusable Mendix design system.

The resulting Mendix Toolkit assets were seamlessly integrated into Zurich's Mendix development environment with the Toolkit comprising four types of assets: Widgets, Building Blocks, Templates, and Layouts.

The solution

In just three weeks, our team delivered an interactive web tool featuring a comprehensive design system, including Widgets, Building Blocks, Templates, and Layouts. Furthermore, a streamlined handover process was implemented to seamlessly integrate the new tools into the development workflow of Zurich's low-code development team.

The impact

The Zurich Insurance team now possesses a set of reusable design system assets and an efficient UX/UI development process. This approach is geared towards fulfilling the promise of 5 to 10 times faster application development using the Mendix Low-code platform. The implementation positions Zurich Insurance to enhance its digital sales experience and achieve heightened efficiency in application development.

“Our experience with CEC exceeded our team's expectations in all aspects. CEC demonstrated exceptional expertise in Mendix design, creating a comprehensive and user-friendly system that accurately reflects our branding.

Overall, we are extremely impressed with the work and believe that CEC would be a valuable partner in further development of our insurance proposition.”

– David Toma, Product Owner, Zurich Insurance
Zurich Insurance

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