Tackling low employee engagement and low brand health with a purposeful culture

We helped employees remember what it is that makes Yellow Pages great.

By the time we finished work with Yellow pages, the organisation was well underway into their culture-change journey, with a palpable groundswell of excitement from staff.

The challenge

Yellow Pages’ traditional products are no longer as relevant in today’s markets. As part of their plan to reinvent themselves in the new digital world, Yellow Pages has experienced a number of restructures in recent years, resulting in many changes to people's roles.

Whilst profits have been maintained, this disruption has lead to declining employee engagement and low brand health.

The research

Our aim was to help Yellow Pages on their journey. Our purpose-driven methodology saw us collaborate with Yellow Pages staff at all levels in order to bring about a customer centric culture change across the business.

As part of our work, we:

  • Conducted all-day workshops with over 100 people from the Executive leadership and Managerial teams
  • Designed team activities for Yellow Pages to run with every team in the business, reaching around 1000 employees
  • Facilitated co-design sessions in order to articulate a shared purpose amongst staff.

The findings

Our activities with the Yellow Pages team revealed that while employees believed in Yellow Pages' service and value offering to customers, the recent changes meant they were confused about the company's identity and brand. Employees did not always feel empowered to do what was needed for their customer, and siloed teams contributed to an overall disconnect of purpose within the organisation.

The solution

Following on from our co-design sessions, the CEC team delivered ‘The purpose of Yellow Pages’ - articulating the five key ways people can contribute, created and owned by all Yellow Pages staff.

A current culture report was produced as an honest understanding of what enables and inhibits purpose within their culture.

To set them up for ongoing success, we handed over a roadmap to bring it to life, including specific recommendations on the next steps.

We united the senior leadership team and reengaged the frontline teams around the collective purpose of Yellow Pages. This work was also a foundation piece to drive the brand strategy.
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Tackling low employee engagement and low brand health with a purposeful culture

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