Making your business digital-first is now critical to your survival - Here’s your guide to achieve it quickly

Organisations that have a strong digital presence and experience will emerge as leaders.




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The COVID-19 pandemic has left the world in a state of chaotic reactivity. Businesses are scrambling to establish a functional remote workforce, and consumers are being forced to transact digitally whether they like it or not. However the shift to transacting digitally isn’t going to stop once the crisis is over, and so organisations that have, or can quickly deploy, a strong digital presence and experience will emerge as leaders.

To help understand what is changing as a result of this, here are some of the trends we have observed.

Faced with these challenging circumstances, many businesses have already established a new operating rhythm for their organisation and now need to get on the front foot of the upcoming digital revolution. It’s time to start asking what people, process, technology and product innovations are going to be required to succeed.

There is a lot to think about and getting started can seem daunting. We’ve provided an adapted CEC design process to help you get ahead. We’ve already begun helping clients to save their organisations by improving their digital experience with tangible and feasible solutions that have been discovered using this process.

Many organisations have already performed an assessment and are prioritising their fixes. Where most companies struggle is quickly overcoming barriers to digitisation and delivering rapid solutions. CEC are experts in delivering define-test-deploy sprints and have just completed this process for one of our clients. While the crisis is temporary, the digital revolution is here to stay and organisations need to be delivering real solutions now to ensure they can survive this difficult time.

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