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CEC win six Good Design Awards!

Our work has been recognised by Good Design Australia for Design Strategy, Service Design and Digital Design.

Published on
September 8, 2023
Imogen Moore

Following our fantastic success in last year's Good Design Awards, The Customer Experience Company are proud to announce that this year we have scored six awards.

The Good Design Australia Awards recognise the highest calibre of design work in Australia across 11 design disciplines and 30 categories.

We would like to thank all of our amazing clients, our talented team and everyone involved in bringing these meaningful and impactful works to life.

Join us in exploring the designs below and if you have a design challenge, idea or opportunity let us know - we'd love to help you solve it.

ServiceConnect: Accessing information and services at Australia’s largest Government Department - Department of Defence

Categories: Service Design in Public Sector Services and Design Research. 

We are incredibly proud to have partnered with the Department of Defence as their Research and Design partner to support achieving a vision of a seamless, integrated customer experience (CX) for over 90,000 people.  

Over a span of 20 months we leveraged our 20+ years of expertise in Customer Research, Insights, Strategy and Design to gain a comprehensive understanding of the Department’s ecosystem. We equipped Defence with packaged, detailed digital experience concepts, to support implementation. This included reusable Service Patterns, high-fidelity screen designs and flows, as well as detailed current and future-state service blueprints for each service experience. These allow Department of Defence to further design, implement, scale, continuously improve the service experience. 

The first release of the new service experience ServiceConnect was successfully deployed in November 2022, with an enterprise-wide multi-channel experience rollout from February 2023 onward. It was designed as a seamless end-to-end experience for employees to access services anytime, anywhere - ultimately supporting the Department of Defence to execute its mission of advancing Australia's interests with effectiveness and efficiency.

The application of a Human-Centered approach has built the foundation for continued momentum to perpetuate the ongoing transformation of the Defence service ecosystem and to continually enhance experiences for its employees now, and for decades to come.

Transforming Information Access for Australia's Defence Community

Category: Digital Design, Web Design and Development.

The Royal Commission into Defence and Veteran Suicide was established in 2021 with a mission - to investigate and address the devastatingly high rates of Defence and Veteran suicides in Australia.

In response to five of the Royal Commission’s recommendations outlined in its August 2022 interim report, The Customer Experience Company worked with the Department of Defence Australia and Australian Government Department of Veterans'​ Affairs to co-design the experience of accessing personal information from the Departments with current serving ADF members, ex-serving members, their families and representatives.

Through co-design, we've designed solutions to improve access to personal information and ease the burden on those seeking answers. It's a crucial step towards healing and closure of current serving ADF members, ex-serving members, their families and representatives.

We are honoured to have been engaged in this important and impactful work, to have been witness and a listening ear to current and ex-serving members and their families and to ultimately have the opportunity to serve those who serve our country. This enduring change will continue to impact the lives of members, ex-serving members and their families for years to come, ensuring they receive the care, support, and respect they rightly deserve.

Designing mental health and wellbeing services that resonate with young people at all stages of their mental health and wellbeing journey

Category: Design Research

There is growing emphasis on the mental health of young people in Australia, with the pandemic and social influences making it clear that young people require continued support and guidance to maintain positive health and wellbeing.

headspace partnered with The Customer Experience Company to uncover its customers' (the young people across Australia) true needs and behaviours to improve the impact and value of its mental health and wellbeing services.

Through developing a CX Toolkit, recommendations and a decision-making framework grounded in true customer insight, headspace can better understand the variations in needs of young people in Australia, identify where to focus effort for the highest impact, and integrate insight into decision-making processes.

headspace is equipped and uniquely positioned to design and deliver effective mental health and wellbeing services for young people across Australia in their mental health and wellbeing journey now and into the future, for decades to come.

Using Human-Centred Design to strategise a new way to support Junior Doctors in Training

Category: Design Strategy

MDA National is one of Australia's leading providers of premium medical indemnity insurance and medico-legal services for over 95 years.

In a fiercely competitive Medical Defence industry, MDA National recognised the importance of supporting its Junior Doctor members who face increasing pressure in the Australian healthcare system.

Through extensive research and validation, we developed high-value initiatives that align with MDA National's business model in response to the emotional needs of Junior Doctors, providing unparalleled service and support when they need it most.

The Australian healthcare industry demands so much from all Medical professionals. Growing workloads, staff shortages, and rising costs are leading to a decline in quality care and an increase in burn-out, and everyone in Australia is affected when our doctors suffer.

Actioning the strategies, MDA National has rolled out a suite of changes to their Junior Doctor service experience. There has already been a noticeable increase in engagement, with Junior Doctors reportedly feeling more confident and capable of handling industry challenges. In September 2023, MDA National recorded a 100% increase in the number of Junior Doctor customers resulting in real, tangible commercial acquisition outcomes

Doctors who are more supported, resilient and equipped in their formative years will provide better healthcare to all Australians for generations to come.

Breaking down silos to create a unified, customer-centric experience

Category: Design Strategy

John Holland Group (JHG) aspire to deliver an exemplary and consistent customer experience across their business units in line with their status as a top infrastructure company. To do so, JHG needed to build a rich understanding of the needs of their customers and develop ways of working that would challenge their traditionally siloed approach to customer experience. 

Over multiple years, we gained rich customer insight and identified 13 key actionable insights and 16 strategic opportunities for JHG to enhance their customer experience and drive organisational alignment holistically. 

The renewed customer understanding enabled JHG to translate their strategic vision into action and create a more consistent brand experience across all business units: Infrastructure, Rail & Transport, Building, and Major Projects.  

A big thank you to all involved

We are extremely proud of all of the individuals who have worked with us on these meaningful and impactful projects from our team, past and present, our trusting clients and everyone who has had a hand in bringing the work to life.

Get in touch below to start a conversation about partnering with us to create real impact with real commercial outcomes that bring you and your organisation even closer to your ideal customer experience (and hey, maybe win a Good Design Award next year!).

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